About us: 
For more than 18 years, CDS team has been creating amazing architectural and interior designs.
Designs that provide the best solutions to achieve the highest space efficiency and value.
Investing the 24 years of experience of its founders, CDS has provided its clients with full services starting from preparation of bid documents and
integrated designs that comply with the international standards and local regulations, in addition to project management and budget monitoring.
We in CDS strive to build a long-term fruitful business relationship with our clients, offering them the best architectural and interior designs, and solutions that fit their budgets and reflect the best space efficiency and value.
Architectural and interior design is not a job. It’s a commitment to our clients and to our society. 
CDS has a vast experience in delivering residential, commercial, public, and hospitality projects, reflecting the market needs, the project requirements, and the budget.
In complying with the local authorities and the international standards, CDS has delivered every project to be a landmark.
In integration between the exterior and the interior designs, our creative team has designed and delivered amazing interiors, that reflects the elite sense of our clients by implementing both the contemporary and the traditional materials and furniture to achieve the  best results within the target and the budget.
To satisfy our clients desire and to insure the compatibility with design, specs, and timeframe, CDS offers the services of arranging integrated full set of tender documents including studies, drawings,  BOQs, and specs, what insures delivering the project In the best way, in addition to the services of project management and supervision depending on our reliable expert team.

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Dubai - UAE          
TEL: +971 55 11 51 870          
Dam. - SAR          
TEL: +963 61 31 762  
Email: info@cds-s.com          
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